About Us


“Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” – John Lennon

Road to Unity is an ongoing project to collect and feature inspirational materials, be it stories, poetry, photos or videos on this site. Our goal is simple: to contribute to nation-building, and ultimately, to promote unity.

“We should come together, unite and have the aspiration that we can make a difference.” – a student

This project was inspired by remarks by students/the younger generation/young adults who want to see a better Malaysia, a Malaysia that does not focus on differences but leverages on these differences instead. However, as we were collecting materials and discussing with friends, we realised that unity is a major concern in all parts of the world. Thus, we decided to widen our scope to unity anywhere on this beautiful earth.

Everything featured here is user-generated. This means that it’s created by everyday people, just like you and me. We hope the material you find here will inspire and give you hope, or at the very least, get you thinking.

Unity. It’s a simple notion. Many of us long for the day when we are one. We dream of a time when differences are embraced, when there is no race but the human race.

“We are simply human beings, enfolded in weakness and hope, called together to change our world, one heart at a time.” – Jean Vanier

It’s simple. It’s noble. But most importantly, it’s possible.