Our Team


Aish Kumar has an interest in people and their perspectives, because everyone has an interesting story to share.

Jorene is a pragmatic liberal who would like to see a better Malaysia.

Gwen Owen was often reminded by her late dad that she is neither Chinese, Malay nor Welsh, but rather, a Malaysian. And that’s what she is 🙂

publicity and outreach:

Aishah Mohd is a non-partisan scholar who strongly believes that Malaysia is not just another country, but a home for many generations to come. She has one complaint – the wide spread of food Malaysia has that is expanding hips and waistline. Other than that, Aishah thinks we have it good, but good is not what we Malaysians want to settle for -LAH!


Chip is an ordinary Malaysian young adult who is passionate about design, technology and entrepreneurship. Although the road to unity is still long, he is always fascinated by inspiring stories about unity and he believes that if all Malaysians can deny the existence of racial politics, we Malaysians can probably live in better harmony than we do now.