Do you have something to say about unity?

Why not share them here? Express yourself – essays, poems, photos and videos are all welcome.

We accept all contributions as long as they have a clear focus on unity and understanding differences. You are free to interpret this theme in your own way.

Formats and other requirements:

  • Essay: No word limit. Use the space to express yourself, but do so eloquently. (But remember, “eloquent” doesn’t always mean long!)
  • Poetry: Go crazy.
  • Photograph: Most popular picture formats (JPG/PNG/GIF) will do. We prefer high resolution photos of at least 300dpi.
  • Video: Less than 5 minutes. Most popular video formats will do. Upload the video to YouTube, then send us the link.

Contributions can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

NOTE: Soft-copies of photos or hyperlinks to accompany your submissions are welcomed.


be the change.

It’s done; how do I send it to you?

To submit your work, use the form below (text only) or email us at Please include your name or pseudonym, and an optional one-liner about yourself.

Then what?

We will inform you on whether your contribution has been accepted, rejected or perhaps requires some editing or revising. Worry not, for we are more than glad to help out with the editing process!

Help – I’m out of ideas!

Here are some suggested subthemes:

  • Amazing Friends – friendships that were developed and maintained across divides
  • Instilling Values – parents and teachers who have played a role in fostering unity
  • Perfect Strangers – strangers who have inspired you
  • Cutest Little Stories – sometimes kids have the clearest perspective: write about them, or have them write in!

Thank you and warm regards,

Road2Unity Team