Call For Photos

As part of our initiative, we are soliciting opinions from you about what Unity means to you – how you define Unity. We also would love to know why you need Unity.

These opinions will then be featured on our Road to Unity website for everyone to share, read, learn from and be inspired.

So, here’s how YOU can help us:

1 – Think of what Unity is to you and/or why you need it. Then complete either one of these sentences below or both.

  • “Unity is …” 
  • “I need unity because …”

2 – Write/Print your sentence on a paper/card/board ***

3 – Snap a photo of you holding the paper/card/board up ***

4 – Send a soft copy of your photo to us at Please include your name or pseudonym, and an optional one-liner about yourself. 

*** You can be creative here. There are many ways to feature your Unity sentence – write on a Doodle board, use crayons, water color, Powerpoint, coloured grains, computer screens, scrabble letter tiles, include drawings, etc. Use your imagination

Unity. It’s simple. It’s noble. But most importantly, it’s possible.

So, snap a pic today and make Unity possible!

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