Unity is many hearts beating at one pace

By Ad Omar

Adlin is an aspiring writer and an idealist. She hopes her writings will unite people one day, at the very least on a readers’ forum.

Unity is one. Unity is one voice. Unity is many hearts beating at one pace. Unity is seeing the big picture and heading towards one goal. Be it world peace, a great cause, standing up for one person/nation/species, unity is one. Unity begins with asking ourselves what is right and what benefits all no matter the sacrifices and personal preference. It’s bigger than the community that lives within ourselves. Unity is finding that same platform where everyone has a strong foothold with equal voice, equal vote in equal measure. Unity is beauty. It is the very prize that mankind should fight for to know that he or she has lived well. As God intended.

Picture credits: kid bath by angela7dreams and P1030543 by plynoi

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