My Dream Breakfast

By Prem Prethaban

Prem is everything he wants to be when he wishes to be and BELIEVES it is best to be – an actor, an engineer, a director,a teacher, a singer , a poet and many yet to see..

A day ,
A breakfast ,
Complete with a local daily….
One for the body,
The other for the mind,
To feed mouthful ,
To feed mind full.
From the first scope ,
Till the last page.

5497829162_de562d1a4e_zNo report of murder !
No report of rape!
No report of abuse!
Not at least for a day!
Headings of humanity,
Lines of love,
Smiles in action,
As if it was printed above!
With the cartoon columns making the highlights,
Horoscopes forecasting bliss at all sight,
Sports columns preaching to unite,
Like the last crumbs passing the throat!
What a breakfast…
I dream to have…..
Dream to share….

Pic credits: It’s About Time by echamdikya and Kaya toast by Patrick Donovan

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